Friday, June 17, 2011

Tub Fun

I have decided to be crafty this weekend. I have far too many projects on my to do list. So I am determined to get some of them done this weekend. In order to motivate myself I have decided to post one of the last crafty things I did.... yes I made them a while ago... thats why Im so ready to do some more crafting...
Felt Food! I love felt Food! Here are some green apple slices I whipped up one day for Jaxon and Owen. They love felt food. It doesnt always get played with how it was meant to be but they do love it none the less!

Now that Owen has stopped peeing in the tub... or rather now that Jaxon has stopped noticing Owen peeing in tub... we can convince the boys to have bathes together. Its awesome! Cuts Tub time down by alot! YAY! They have so much fun!. They splash and dump water on each other. And the scream and scream and scream!

owen loves the tub... well all water actually and always cries when its time to get out!

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Ashley Smith said...

How did you get owen to lay down in the tub like that?? Abbi thinks I am drowning her. So then I dump water on her head and she doesn't like that either.

Britni Jean said...

what funny boys! and i like your cute green apples!

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