Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve Presents

The tradition with the Nelson family is that everyone gets to open one present on Christmas Eve. And the tradition is that the Christmas Eve present is usually a pair of new pajamas or slippers or some sort of sleeping wear. This year for Christmas Eve was no different. After dinner, and before the evening board game events began, the stockings were placed near the fireplace and everyone got their Christmas Eve present to open. Here Jaxon makes sure the stocking are all lined up perfectly.

Jaxon gets a little bit of help from Amanda to open his Christmas Eve present.

Here Jaxon gets a good look at his present. It is a new pair of pajamas for him to wear.

Jaxon liked his new pajama's, but first wanted to wear Amanda's new slippers before he got ready for bed.

Here Jaxon models his new pajama's. They have a monkey Santa Claus on them that says, "Gimmie Gifts." Jaxon is also showing off his "tough guy" face. "Don't mess with my presents" he says. Actually this is the face that Jaxon makes when you tell him to grin for the camera... It's really quite hilarious.

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britni jean said...

i love the "tough" guy face! it makes me laugh!

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