Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Morning Stockings

For most people, the Christmas stockings are a nice appetizing "tide-me-over" until the big presents under the tree are opened. Well, when Christmas is done "overboard" style at the Nelsons, one person's stocking contains enough presents for an entire family. Each person averaged around 26-30 presents in their stocking. Here is a picture of Jaxon's stocking waiting for him to open.

Here Jaxon opens up a few of his stocking stuffers, that don't really get stuffed into the stocking, because there aren't stockings big enough to fit all those presents.

Amanda shows off one of her many stocking stuffers.

And even with all the new toys and games and treats that he got in his stocking, Jaxon still preferred to play with the tupperware from the kitchen.

The aftermath of the stocking opening

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britni jean said...

merry christmas to the pisko's! p.s. we got your cute christmas card! you did a great job amanda! i loved the snowflakes!

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