Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Decorating the tree

On Sunday November 30, Tim took the day off from studying for his CGA exam, and we decided to decorate the Christmas tree. Even though it wasn't December yet, we thought it would be a good family afternoon activity to do (since Tim was going to be gone on Monday night taking his test for Family Home Evening, and since he wanted to be around to decorate.) Here is Tim with the tree set up putting some tinsel around it. Check out the sweet Angel on the top... and check out Tim's sweet Santa hat.
Jaxon was really eager to help decorate too. He loved looking through the ornaments we have and attempting to put them on the tree. It took him a while to figure out how to hook the strings over the branches...
...But he eventually got the hang of it. Here he is putting a Christmas up on the upper portion of the tree. The good thing about where we placed the Christmas tree is that is in the corner and we only had to decorate like half the tree.
Here's Jaxon hangin another ball on the tree.
With the tree lit up, Jaxon takes a look under to see where all the present are. Soon we will have a ton of presents under the tree (but most of them will be for everyone else that we are giving presents to.) All of the presents for us will be up at Grandma and Granpda Nelson's house. Amanda's mom has been told that she has to "go overboard" this Christmas, since last years Christmas wasn't overboard. If that wasn't overboard, then I can't wait to see what is overboard.

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