Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I am a mother of Boys!

I love being a mother of boys. They are so fun... and they sure do keep life interesting. Everyday is a new adventure with my boys. They are wonderful little stinkers! They make me laugh everyday!

Owen is really into exploring. I try to be crafty at least once a day... helps keep me sane. So on this day I was down in the crafty nook, I looked up and saw this. I guess Owen just wanted to make himself comfortable while playing trains (also one of his favorite things)

Anything great thing about boys is brothers! Jaxon and Owen are the best of buddies! Now that Owen is bigger they play together all the time. Jaxon loves to give Owen rides on his Plasma car and now owen can even get on by himself

Owen loves to hide... he thinks he is so clever. Can you see him peaking out at you?
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