Thursday, September 30, 2010

Tommy K Play

There is a new play place near us. Its called Tommy K Play. Its really cool. But super expensive. $9 a kid (more if they are over 4) so we have only gone once. But Jaxon keeps asking to go back and Im sure that if Owen could talk he would be too! Ill have to save money and make it a treat trip! It has a huge climbing structure, slides, little cars to ride, laser maze and even x boxes. Its intense. Great place for the boys to burn off their excessive energy. I get to burn some cals too!

Jaxon building a tower

Owen Climbing to the slide

Owen Loves to climb

Jaxon loves the super fast slides
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Anonymous said...

Check out Stir Crazy Family Fun Centre.
Just 15-20 mins from Tommykplay.
We found it to be way more fun and far more inexpensive :)
Thought you might like the tip from one mom to another :)

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