Saturday, November 13, 2010

What? Those arent cars!

Here is a quick little update on the monster the leaves among us... Owen! He is a handful! He acts older then he is and is constantly doing what Jaxon does. But the worst is the attitude. I am giving this little boy time outs all the time and he just doesnt care. He will sit there and roll his eyes on me... yes my 14 month old does the eye roll! Yesterday I put him into Time out and he did the eye roll as I was explaining why he was in time out and then I asked "Are you ready to listen to mommy?" To which he shook his head no... so he sat in time out longer and still shook his head when I asked if he was going to Im in so much trouble...
Trying to get the bib off

Trying to get milk... yep climbing the fridge... awesome

All you who know my little guy knows that he loves I mean LOVES cars. We have tons of cars (hot wheels!) and we also have tons of other toys too but the other toys are just collecting dust because all he will ever play with is cars. I have been trying to think of non car toys for christmas... try to add variety into his life but lets face it... he will love all the car things! the other day I had a huge surprise... Jaxon went up to his room to get some lego... I was thrilled to see him playing with something other then cars. I asked "What are you making?" "bridges for my cars" was his answer... well I guess thats a baby step!

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