Saturday, November 6, 2010

Everybody needs a brother

I will admit that my first reaction when I was told I was having a second boy was dissappointment. I really wanted one of each. But I soon realized how awesome having two boys close together would be. Jaxon and Owen are the best of friends! I love it. Watching them is so fun. owen does everything jaxon does and wants to be right there with him all the time.

Jaxon loves playing on my computer.Here is his playing Super Why games and of course Owen is right there too!

Jaxon also loves the Wii... Owen now has to hold a remote and pretend to play whenever Jaxon is playing. DO NOT get in owens way when jaxon is playing because you will get a firm push out of the way!

Monkey See... Monkey Do
This time is was Owen's turn to show Jaxon what was cool. Owen loves walking around with things on his head... blankets... bowls... halloween buckets. He is a dare devil and thinks its funny.

Jaxon had to give it a go too.
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