Friday, September 16, 2011

Welcome to the Terrible Twos!

 Owen had his birthday a little while ago... ok almost a month a go... I figured it was time I blog about it. In case I havent mentioned it before; Owen loves trains, particularly Thomas the Train. So it was only natural that we have a Thomas the Train party. It was so fun! Since Mama and Papa werent going to be able to make it to Owens party they gave Owen his present early.
He worked so hard on getting it open

It's a big stuffed Thomas! Owen was thrilled. He is always wanting to take his trains to bed with him and now he can! The extra bonus it has a huge tag! (another one of owens loves) so now he snuggles beside thomas everynight and plays with the tag. Good Times!

I just did a simple cake for Owens party... but he did get two new trains out of the deal. Ferdenand is the blue one and Victor is the Red one

I sure do love my two year old!!! where has the time gone???
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