Sunday, September 11, 2011

Transition time

The last few weeks Owen has been trying really hard to not nap. So at first I thought he was ready to give up napping... but then at 5:00 pm when I was cooking dinner Id always find him snoozing somewhere. Awesome... then since he naps so late it makes it a late night... boooo... I now have two options I can either not make dinner at 5:00 so I can keep grouchy pants awake... or I need to really enforce 2 pm nap time! I really hate this transition time, not only because it makes for some unpleasent evenings but also because it means that soon my 2 yr old will not be napping at all.... hooray.  Im sure come winter time when he is no longer outside running around and soaking up the sunshine that he will be completely done napping....

Good thing this kid is so darn cute!

Owen can sleep anywhere at 5pm is seems.... I had folded up his little napping couch so that he wouldnt have a place to crash.... but he made it work anyways...
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