Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Jaxon's New Room!

I have been on a kick all summer to decorate my house. I just started feeling like it was kind of plan and boring. So I wanted to spruce it up. I always up for change. Tim and I make a great team too because I'm creative but not very good at figuring out how to get to my end goal, thats where tim comes in! So I wanted to paint these Squares on Jaxon's wall but I am not good at measuring and straight lines. So Tim took my idea and put it on the wall! YAY! he did it while we were in Edmonton at the beginning of the month so that Jaxon wouldnt be sleeping in the stinky smell of paint. but he did have to save one square so that Jaxon could help too!

Ready to Paint... scary isnt it!

Carefully painting

All Done!
I love this wall! I think its awesome! the picture really doesnt do it justice! Jaxon loves it too!
Now... what next???

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Brooklyn Quinton said...

So cute!! I want to paint some rooms in my house too

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