Monday, August 8, 2011

My Painting

I have been wanting to decorate my house for a while. Tim and I have been married for almost 7 years and I still often look around my house and think it looks like a bachelor pad or a student couple's place... I wanted to spruce it up. But I had a few issues... first I lack the talent and eye for interior decorating. (any advice is greatly appreciated) Two I often changed my mind on what I wanted and Three a lack of funds! Its hard to decorate when you are on a budget. But I was hit with some wonderful inspiration when I was in Vegas with my mom and Sister.

This is a painting the Vdara has hanging in its lobby by the elevators. Gorgeous right??? I fell in love with it. The best part was I know I could make one really really simply! Thats when I decided I would make myself one and find a place in my house for it! So when I was at moms this past week. Thats what I did. We went to Michaels and bought some canvas and paint and brushes and I set to work. (side note..I have also started doing the Personal Progress program again since I am back in YW and this is one of my Value didnt take me the full 10 hours so Ill just have to paint another one too!)
Here is mine! I know there are less circles then the orginal... but I still love it! I think I did not too bad for my first painting. I have fallen in love with painting abstract art... Ill have to do lots more of it!

And just because I couldnt resist... look at my handsome little owen. How can you not love this man!
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Brooklyn Quinton said...

cute! i want to see where you put it in your house?

Amanda Pisko said...

Thanks brooklyn! Its on that little wall that divides the living room from my kitchen... by the fridge
You will have to come over sometime and take a look!

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