Sunday, August 7, 2011

Tomorrow is Mesa Monday!

Ok... so I spent last week up at my parents house in Edmonton. We did do a Mesa Recipe, but it wasnt on monday and Im not typing it out... it was insane! when I say we...I mean mom... bytheway... We did Shrimp and roasted garlic corn Tamales... They were super yummy... but they took like 3 hours to prepare... so I have kept the recipe and may make them... once a year... but there is no way Im taking the time to type out that one for you... it was intense... so if you really want to try them and you have 3 hours to prepare dinner then get the book and turn to page 98.... there ya go!
  Tomorrow I am going to stick with Mesa Monday... I have a few more recipes to try... This time its.....
Red Chili-Honey glazed Shrimip
(bobby flay uses salmon....but I dont have any in the house and I have shrimp... so voila!)
1/3 cup Honey
1 Tbsp Ancho chili powder
1 Tbsp Dijon mustard
 (nothing beats a 3 ingredient recipe!)
So since Im using Shrimp Ive had to tweak the method a bit... here is my plan
1)Whisk everything together.
2) Pour over shrimp and allow to marinade 4 hours
Hmmmm.... what can a tell you about Edmonton... it was fun! My boys always love seeing mama and papa... I love having them baby sit for us! YAY date nights. Tim and I went out and say Captain America... Yep i was just that desperate to see a movie... I really want to see Harry potter 7... Tim say it without me and that makes me sad....after the movie we went to Montanas for dinner... it was awesome! I had this massive burger with Onion strings and deep friend Jalapanos adn Tim got this dinky wrap... I laughed so hard because when the waiter brought it out he totally thought tim had the burger and I had the wrap! BAHAHAHAHAHA
   Owen is starting to talk more... He currenlty can say; Dad, Bro (jaxon), Cracker, Cookie, No, Papa, Pop, Cheese and Holla... oh and his newest two work phrase Im sad... when he is crying and throwing a fit if you are ignoring him he will start whining... Im SAD IM Sad over and over until you acknowledge him. Its cute! Also... no I did not forgot to put Mom on the list... he wont say it... loser
   Jaxon is pretty sick of summer holidays and is ready to head back to school... I told him we still have another month. He  was sad... but I think he will perck back up now that his BFF Krysten is back in town. he sure has missed her.

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