Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Sick of the Rain

Hello Hello! Did you think I forgot about Mesa Monday... here is what happened... Tim went a head and planned a HT BBQ for Monday night... which meant I had to push Mesa Monday off until Last night. The shrimp with the Chili butter... it was a pretty decent recipe. But I found it lacking when eaten on its own. so i whipped up a salad and topped it with the shrimp. then it was WONDERFUL!
  So next week... is still a mystery. I am heading up to Edmonton to spend sometime with my parents since they are up from TX... ok... My boys are dying to see Mama and papa so we are going to hang out! Plus Im always up for the help that grandparents have to offer! So Im waiting to pick a recipe until I see what my mom wants to do and what she has in her kitchen!

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