Friday, July 15, 2011

My Little Monster

I have been blessed with two very wonderful, very different boys. While its after hard to tell them apart in pictures since they look so much alike they have two very distinct personalities. Jaxon is my little buddy. He tries so hard to be good and helpful and is so dissappointed in himself when he gets too out of control or makes me upset... then there is his brother Owen... My Little Monster. Dont get me wrong owen can be really sweet and loving.... when he wants to be. But for the most part he takes great joy is tormenting me. He refuses to listen and will simply ignore me. you can watch his eyes and he will purposely go cause trouble... then I put him in time out and he laughs until I say "You are not getting out of time out until you feel sorry for what you did" Then he fake cries and tries to give me a hug. He is a non talker... or so he would like you to believe. I have caught him speaking in his sleep and if I ignore him long enough he will bust out words I never knew he had... but those moments are rare...stinker.

But how can you not love this guy....

He has also inheritated my dads perma-gel hair. for those of you who dont know my dad... he has never used hair products (at least in my lifetime) yet his hair holds almost any shape you put it in. He runs his hands through his hair and it stands on end... I am constantly surprised at what I find when owen wakes up from sleeping. Its a wild mane to tame on my little monster
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