Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Rainy Day Craft projects

It was bound to happen... after weeks of nice sunny, hot weather the rain has come and we have been stuck in the house the last few days. My Kids are going CRAZY and so am I... so in order to relieve my cabin fever I have started crafting again. My mind has been a little scatter lately so I have not done any big projects that would require me to concentrate. So I have returned to Felt Food... it always does when I want to be crafty but only have short periods of time to whip something up... here are the latest additions to the felt food gallery.

Pepperoni Pizza

Broccoli and Cauliflour

Then yesterday my uber talent friend Ashley came over with her kidlets and taught me how to make a necklace. Jaxon and Owen were thrilled to have playmates and I was thrilled to get a gift made for my cousin Kinsey who is getting baptized on Saturday. I am super excited to learn how to make necklaces... I may have to start doing some up for gifts! Thanks so much Ashley for helping me learn this skill... although Im pretty sure Ill be calling you often to ask; "How do I do this again?"

its not the greatest picture... but its really pretty... I actually want it... but alas its Kinseys..LOL
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