Thursday, September 22, 2011

Owen and Markers...

I really should learn...dont turn my back on Owen. He is the sneakiest kid I have ever known! He never stops amazing me. So here is the story. The boys go these super cool Thomas the Train coloring pads. They just love them. So one rainy day we pulled them out and they sat at the counter coloring away. (Owen will do anything that Jaxon wants to do!) 
Look how nice they are coloring together!

Jaxon has been working hard at holding a marker the correct way. he always really tries to stay in the lines now. He is so grown up!
So to continue the story... I was sitting with Owen supervising the marker coloring time. I have not forgotten what he did to my kitchen table. Owen was doing great. He colored on the counter once but I caught him and he seemed really upset by the mistake. So he was back on the paper doing great. Staying on the paper, even putting the lids back on the markers... So I had a thought... yeah I know bad move... I decided Id leave owen to color with Jaxon and Id walk the whole 5 feet to the sink and do some dishes. I made a point of turning around and checking up on him every time I washed a dish. he was still sitting there coloring the paper... after about 6 dishes I realized something... he was still using the same colored marker.That is really rare! Just has I realized that Jaxon goes "OWEN WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?!?!" Owen acts all surprised and I look closer... he was colored all over the barstool and his leg... awesome. Apparently he was watching me and would color on everything but the paper while my back was turned and then continue coloring the paper when I turned... nice eh? What kind of 2 yr old does that!?!?!

Oh so proud isnt he?!

At least the barstools are dark colored... I think I got all the marker off... at least all that shows!
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