Saturday, January 7, 2012


After like what... 4 long months...Im back! I Bet some of you were wondering if Id dropped off the earth! But I havent... life has been CRAZY! But Im back and hoping for some more regular updates on here... fingers crossed... But here is a recapped of our lives!

Summer ended... so sad. My boys and I love being outside so we were very sad to see summer go knowing that we would have to entertain ourselves in the house more often then before. Jaxon is already counting down to Spring. We had so much fun this summer and are really looking forward to next summer

Jaxon's first day of school!
With the fall came a new school year. Jaxon started 4 yr old Preschool. Its super exciting because its basically right across the street from us. So its a fun walk! No more long car rides to school. Jaxon is loving school and is excelling. He can write his name and counts non stop. We even have him doing addition and subtraction now. My goal for next week is to label some things around the house to help him start to read. He is a sponge and loves soaking up evey little bit of knowledge he can. He is also working on telling time.

And of course Halloween happened. My boys were sick the weekend before Halloween (seems to be tradition in our house) But they were fine and dandy for the big day! Jaxon was a monkey and Owen was a monster. Jaxon was so excited to get candy and it took owen about 3 houses to figure out what the deal was and then he got right into it too! After about 30 minutes and 1 and half blocks Jaxon said he had enough candy and wanted to head home...So we did.

What else happened... Well Christmas... but Ill blog that with some pictures once I find my camera cord...Oh and we found out we are expecting our third baby. I am due June 26th. YAY! I have been super sick.. but I always am. And everything is going well. We are hoping to find out what we are having at the end of the month! I want another boy... Tim wants a girl. Of and in case some of you are wondering THIS IS THE LAST BABY FOR US! Im super excited about that fact... knowing that I will be able to get rid of baby stuff FINALLY and not have to store it all! That stuff takes up so much room!

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