Thursday, January 26, 2012

One Lucky Mommy!

Some days I look at my two little boys and think "What have I gotten myself into?" Other days, like today I look around and think how lucky I am to get to spend my days with them. Despite the crazy wild personalities they have they are pretty cute boys. So I thought I'd Share some of their sweetness with the world.
Owen has a toy vaccum and its his favorite toy ever! He is constantly helping daddy vaccum. (I dont vaccum... thats Tim's job) He copies everything daddy does... lifts up the cord, vaccums the cracks in the couch... even pretends to empty the canister. It makes me smile to see him working so hard!

Owen and Snowflake (aka Bear)
Owen adores this bear. Jaxon made it last year for christmas but it hasnt left Owens side since then. he LOVES bear. As owen has gotten older Bear becomes more and more like a person. Owen will pretend to put chapstick on bear, or lotion on bear and makes bear sit up straight beside him and nods his head when answering a question. Sometimes I think Bear will start talking before owen does! LOL!

My Boys have the coolest uncle ever... Uncle Kris is a DJ!!! So when we are at uncle Kris' house Jaxon gets to play DJ (under Kris' watchful eyes!) He loves music and will jam out and have dance parties for hours. His favorite it scratching on the turntable!

DJ Jaxon!
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