Saturday, January 21, 2012

Mama and Papa

This is a post for Owen. He has been asking to see Mama and Papa for the last couple of days... so sad that since they are back in Texas we won't get to see them until March 22...long ways off. But no matter how hard I try to explain this to my 2 yr old he just doesnt get it... or he doesnt care. He askes me multiple times a day "Mama? Papa?' and everytime I put on his coat he gets all excited because I guess he thinks we are going to see mama and papa but then he cries when we get to a store and he shakes his head... "No mama and Papa" sad I know... (mom, feelign guilty yet for being so far away!?) So here are a few posts (yes the pictures are from this summer) of some of the reasons why mama anda papa's house is so much better then ours.
Above is owen feeding tokens into a game at chuck e Cheese. He loves that place. He is catching on too. He loves collecting tickets.

Auntie Rachel and Jaxon seeing just how many tickets we have

Then there is the piano. My boys love playing on it. It's our piano now but since we dont have room (and I dont have the patience for the noise it will bring) yet its still at Mama and Papa's house. Its the great temptation they face every morning when Im trying to keep them quiet as normal people are still sleeping...
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