Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Baby It's Cold Outside

We have been hit with a serious artic chill this week. The daytime highs has been around -30 with the windchill making it feel like -44 degrees or so. It's brutal! We have spent all week indoors only venturing out to take Jaxon to and from school. The boys are handling it really well and only have a mild case of cabin fever. We've watch tons of movies (toy story 1, 2 or 3 are big hits right now) and lots of curious george for Owen and done lots of crafts. But we are still looking forward to the warm up next week! My Poor Little Owen's hands cant take much more of the cold. Little Owen has hyper sensitive skin... and the cold seems to make it worse... I forgot to put gloves on him for the walk from the back door to the car and by the time I got him in his hands were bright red and starten to stiffen up... yep I know Im a great mom.
So in a hope to try and warm myself up a bit I thought I'd post some pcitures from this past summer, warmer days... oh how we miss you and look forward to your return.
One of our favorite spots in the Summer time is Heritage Park. The boys love the rides and the candy shop and getting cookies at the bakery. I love all the different activities they have like day out with Thomas and Rail days and the Harvest sale. I also love how close it is (unlike Calaway Park another one of our favorites, but that takes a whole day where as Heritage Park only takes a couple hours!)  
Jaxon on the Merry Go Round!

Owen on the Merry Go Round

The Boys on the little Ferris Wheel.

OH this is a big week in our house. Owen is now Officially off the soother. YAY!!! We took it away Sunday night and he has gone 3 whole days and nights with out it! YAY! he has been asking for it alot today... but I think its just that his teeth are bugging him... he has his hands in his mouth alot today! But Im not giving in. He is doing great! We are now a soother free house (ok... for another 5.5 months until the new baby comes)
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