Tuesday, March 13, 2012


  We have had a horrrid weekend... We were all excited to have Jaxon's 5th birthday party on Saturday. We had 70 guests supposed to be coming. We were going swimming and then back to the church for pizza, cake and presents. Well with 20 minutes to the party start Jaxon started puking.... AWESOME... so we had to take him home (thanks to Leah and Jason for helping out so much!) We let the other guests still enjoy the party... I wasnt about to let all that planning go to waste! Anyways... it was a nasty stomach bug that hit Jaxon and it literally took until today (fingers crossed) to have him feel better and stop puking. So needless to say I didnt get plan my menu until today...
  What we are eating this week... THANK YOU PINTEREST!!!! I have a massive recipes to try board and I am sick of pinning all these awesome looking recipes and never trying them... so this week we are trying all new pinterest recipes!!! YAY!!!
Wed - Pasta w/ chicken and mushrooms
Thur - Caramel shrimp sammies
Fri - Spicy Rigatoni
Sat - Thai chicken Pies
Sun - Mongolian Beef

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