Tuesday, March 6, 2012

What will he think of next?!?!?

Just when I think I have Owen all figured out he does something from WAY out in left field and totally shocks me! This past saturday Owen wanted to stamp. Which is an activity we have done several times in our house. So I wasnt too worried about him. I got him all set up and was in and out of the kitchen as I was cleaning the house. Then I noticed something strange.....

Yep, Owen was using his face as a stamp. He apparently got bored of the stamps I had left out for him... and moved onto his fingers... again a craft we do alot in this house... then when his fingers where done he moved onto his face...He stamped his nose, cheek and lips and then proceeded to squish his face against the paper trying to stamp himself on the paper... The best part you might ask??? Non washable ink and church the next day... yep awesome. So after lots of scrubbing and a tub it was gone... thank goodness for small miracles!
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Ashley Smith said...

Hah I totally spent a portion of nursery looking at him across the table trying to see the traces of it. You did to good washing him, I couldn't find any.

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