Tuesday, March 13, 2012

LikaMaid Turns Owen into the Hulk

Owen loves candy. No really....this kid has one serious sweet tooth! Anyways... the other day I gave him some likamaid...yep that should have been my first red flag. But I didnt think anything of it. I left the two boys at the table to enjoy their snack. Jaxon was soon finished as he normally just eats the candy stick... Owen was there FOREVER!!! (honestly I was enjoying the break) then he comes over and says "All done..Owen Green!" I look up and am greeted by this....

If this had been Jaxon he would have flipped out! Jaxon HATES being dirty... but not my sweet Owen. He ADORES anything messy. (Im having a hard time adjusting to the polar opposites that my boys are) Owen was on cloud nine that he was covered in green. It took a few days to get it all off his hands... lesson learned... although I cant say it wont happen again... really all that happened was he was messy and happy and we cleaned it up...
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