Thursday, May 10, 2012


Wow! Its been a really long time since I added an update to this blog! YIKES! Can I blame it on being in my last trimester???
    Well what has been going on??? I have been trying to get some projects out of the way before Rohn shows up. Here is one I did.
 It's Apostle Match. I have been looking for some quiet activities for Sundays and Sacrament meeting. This one was so simple and took like no time to whip up. The only problem is that Jaxon has a hard time telling all those grandpa's apart. LOL! what a guy!
 Owen is still obessed with Bears. Snowflake goes everywhere with him... the other day I found him lining up all the bears on the stairs with him!
 We finally had some warm days and Jaxon and Dad planted the garden. (Today we have snow coming but thats calgary!) Jaxon liked racking and putting the seeds in the holes. They planted watermelon, pumpkin, carrots, lettuce and onions. No we just have to wait and see what we get!

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