Thursday, June 7, 2012

Not again...

So far too much time has passed again since I have updated this blog! ARGH! I cant even promise that I will get better at it, as I am just 19 days ways from my due date! I am praying I dont have to wait 19 days to meet this new little man who is coming into my life. (the Drs say they will do everything they can to encourage Rohn out!) FINGERS CROSSED!
  Needless to say we have been busy with baby prep... for those of you who are my facebook friends you have already seen these pictures... but oh well!
   A tradition I started when I was pregnant with Owen was coloring onesies from the other kids to give to the new baby. So we did it again with Rohn. The boys had a blast using the fabric markers and decorating clothes for baby Rohn.
Jaxon working away

Owen working away

All Done!

All Done

The Boys are both really excited for the new baby. Jaxon is always complaining that Rohn will never decide to come out. Most days I feel like that too! But Im sure it will happen soon enough... I am not looking forward to Labour... BAH the thought makes me sick!
 There is tons I should still be doing to get ready for Rohns arrival, but I am starting to feel lazy in regards to baby stuff... so I think I may bake.... Italian Monkey bread anyone???

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