Saturday, August 18, 2012

Telus Spark

   A little while ago Calgary got a new Science Centre. We finally checked it out this summer. I am so sad it took us so long to go. It is amazing!!!! Its called Telus spark and it is easily Jaxon and Owen's (and Tim's) favorite place to visit now. We are lucky and have season passes so we get to go alot! It is a little expensive, but no more so then other tourist attractions in town. WHY DOES IT COST SO MUCH TO DO FUN THINGS?!?! Admission is $20 for grown ups and like $12-15 (or something like that) for kids... kids under 3 are free. But really its awesome
   They have one gallery called the Creative Kids gallery. its a giant play room. There is a climbing struction, a climbing wall. a theatre, a water station, a toddler zone and tons of little tables with magnets, and bulding blocks, and letter cubes, etc the list goes on and on!!!
  The other galleries are a little more grown up. meaning they have more infomation and learning, but they always have hands on stuff to go with it. So my kids love those galleries too. In the energy one there is a treadmill you walk on to generate electricity and a set up where you bounce balls down drums. Its all just so awesome!!
These blue foam blocks are in the foyer. My Kids love building towers.

Jaxon was building a fortress of solitude.

What a couple of nuts!

Making patterns

Playing in the water!
 I would highly recommend going!!!

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