Saturday, August 25, 2012

The Zoo

   Calgary has a pretty decent zoo... I mean it doesnt compare to the Houston Zoo, which had animals that I hadnt even heard of... but its still pretty decent. I love zoos. I have tried and tried and tried to convince my kids to enjoy the zoo too. I havent been successful at all! What kid doesnt love watching animals?!?! JAXON... he loathes the zoo.. he wants to get in and out of there as soon as possible. Any time I stop to look at something he says "Lets keep moving on!"
  I thought I had Owen convinced that zoos are cool... but now not so much. I dont think he hates them... but just not his thing.  My kids are way too active for the zoo I guess.
  But I still drag them there every once and a while.
There favorite part of the zoo is the giant park in the center of it. Owen loves the slides

Jaxon loves to climb... owen would too but he is just a little too short.

They do love the telephones that tell you about the animals...but Im not sure if they actually listen and learn anything... or if they just like holding them up to their ears

Owen has gotten very independant the last little while... he insists on putting his sunglasses on by himself and he insists they do on up side down...

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