Thursday, August 30, 2012

Owen Turns Three

Monday was a big day for Owen! He turned 3 yrs old! I can not believe he is already three! I sometimes forget how old and smart he is because he doesnt talk. So this birthday really snuck up on me. We didnt do too much... just a few family BBQs and one with some friends too. I sure love this little man.
  We started his day off by taking him to get a speech assessment, it unfortunately went better then expected... which means now we have to wait and see if he gets PUF funding and an aide to go to preschool with him. We are praying that everything works out. 3 also means we are in the throws of potty training.... it sucks. Owen is so stubborn he doesnt want to stop what he is doing... so there are many accidents. BLARGH!
Opening Presents!

Blowing out his candle! He was really concerned at first that we were bringing fire so close to him.

His cool new shirt from Aunty Mel. It says Yippee Im 3!

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