Thursday, September 6, 2012

First Days of School

Summer has ended, and school has begun! While we are sad to see the freedom and nice weather of summer gone, my boys are very excited to start school. Jaxon started Kindergarten and Owen started Preschool. Big moments in our house!!
Jaxon loves his new big back pack. He has been at school for 3 days now and LOVES it. He thinks his teacher is so smart and has lots of friends in his class. Well, lots of my friends have kids in his class, Jaxon is a little anti social at first, but he is starting to play with more kids! YAY! He tells me every day how much fun his new school is!

Owen started Preschool this morning. He isnt potty trained (dont even get me started on that sore spot!) But since he has a severe speech delay he will get an aide to help in the preschool. We are still waiting to get that all set and going but the preschool said he could start and come in a pull up so that he could get used to the class. Owen was thrilled with school. He didnt want to come home!

And just because he is so cute... Here's a new one of Rohn. He has discovered his hands... he still has a had time controlling them, but he knows they are there and tries really hard to make them do what he wants!

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