Thursday, September 6, 2012

Craft Time - Week One

 With the start of school, and the  return to not so nice weather (which isnt here yet but Im sure its on its way), I wanted to come up with some structured activities to help turn the screens  in my house off. I decided every afternoon to do a craft time. I assigned each week a story book and then I came up with crafts to go along with it... so we read the story and then do the craft. Its only week one but so far its going good.
  This week our book is "If you Give a mouse a cookie" Our Activities are;
Monday - was a holiday... no set craft time
Tuesday - Make Cookies (we made snickerdoodles... my recipe is so awesome I could eat an entire batch!)
Wed - this is gymnastic days so we dont have time for craft time!
Thursday - Counting Cookies Hide and Seek (I have felt cookies that have various number of choco chips, from 1-10) I hide them around the room and the boys need to find them and put them in the right order!)
Friday -  Cookie Coloring (I have cut circles out of brown construction paper and the boys will get to design their own cookie)
  This week we are also focussing on the Letter A and number 1... although since we missed Monday as the holiday we will probably just do A and 1 with B and 2 next week.
My little Sous Chefs

   Aren't you just so excited to see which book we do next week???

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