Friday, September 7, 2012

Craft Time - Week Two

Next week (sept 10-14) we are focussing on a new book for our afternoon craft time. I am super excited because it's by one of my favorite authors, Robert Munsch. It's No Clean Clothes!
Who doesn't love the pairing of Robert Munsch and Michael Martchenko??!? Munsch provides hilarious stories and Martchenko is a wonderful illustrator! My kids adore all the books from this pair, in fact Jaxon now says the title and then "by Robert Munsch, art by Michael Martchenko" Whenever we read one together!
  So here is our plan for the week;
Monday - Color a shirt, I will buy a couple plain white t shirts and pull out the fabric markers and let the kids go to town!
Tuesday - Dress a bear, I have printable bears and clothes and they can make funny outfits for the bears
Wednesday - I think Ill use this day to focus on our letters/Numbers, I found great printable letter puzzles from Pinterest (LOVE TO PIN!) and Ill make some practice writing sheets too!
Thursday - Make Kiss Cookies
Friday - What's this game, again on pinterest I found a fun game where you make a crocodile out of a cascade container and put things in his mouth. The kids then pull it out and either need to match them, or categorize them, etc (the applications are really endless) but this week we will use Mr. Croc and when they pull a picture out will have to tell me what article of clothing it is.
  Thats our plan! Sounds Fun doesnt it?!?!

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