Saturday, October 23, 2010

What Owen loves

Besides is super amazing, beyond wonderful, beautiful mommy there are a few other things that Owen loves.
Owen loves music. he will dance as often as he can and loves listening to music. He is discovered books that play music. He current favorite is one that mama gave to Jaxon years ago and we listened to it for literally days (no joke days) non stop as we took a road trip from calgary to Portland. It plays Thomas the Train (another love of both my boys) songs. He will lay there and push a button then get up and dance until the song is over... then push a new button!

Owen loves food. Ok.. so you must be thinking "All she ever writes about is how owen is eating things adn loves food... does he ever stop eating?" the answer is NO... Im surprised he is not 300 lbs. He passionately loves eating. he will snack and eat all day. He begs for food! He also loves feeding himself!

Owen loves books! I am so thrilled that owen loves stories and books. I am a bookworm and I have successfully passed that onto jaxon and now it appears that Owen is headed down the right path as well! HOORAY BOOKS! (he is sitting in his rocking chair... which is another thing he loves. Dont get any awwwww ideas he doesnt snuggle with me init... he uses it as a surf board... yep they will come to know me quite well in the ER im sure!)
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