Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Avoiding Productivity

What do you do on a Tuesday afternoon when you havent slept the last few nights because you have a cold and cant breathe??? You blog because doing anything productive sounds like a drag! LOL! So I thought Id post some pictures from our prechristmas prep... seeing how I was lame and never did that! Above is a picture of Jaxon and Owen with Santa. Owen didnt care and Jaxon was shy but i think we still got a decent picture!

I made an activity count down to christmas and every day for the month of Dec. we did a different activity. Like Watch a christmas movie or bake cookies, etc. This day was Santa's Beard craft. Jaxon really liked it. But I think his favorite part was that Krysten came over to do with with him. He loves Krysten!

This day we painted ornaments. Thanks to Auntie leah for getting them the Ornament Kit. My boys love to paint so it was a fun activity that we did over and over this christmas season. Jaxon and Owen loved to see their creations on the tree!

I LOVE OWEN!!! yes he has paint on his face. Jaxon is my child who hates being dirty and this would have drove him nuts... but Owen is the exact opposite and loves to be messy... so he was on cloud nine to have paint on his face and hands and all over. (yes is drives jaxon insane that it doesnt bother Owen!)

What have I been doing lately??? Ive been reading... I have moved onto Cinder... its pretty ok.. but predictable so its taking me a while to get it done. I have done Valentines Crafts... I made cards to mail out, felt conversation hearts and goodie bins for the boys, a centerpiece and of course valentines to give out at school and church... speaking of which I should take some pics of those to post on here asap! Hmmmm... Im also planning a baby shower! One of my besties is having a baby! YAY!!! So I am elbow deep in shower planning! Its going to be so much fun! Im so excited for Stef!!! I just wish should would find out what she is having!!! ARGH!!!
  Oh and im now 20 weeks pregnant which means half way!!!
The Boys started swim lessons today... Owen hated it. he loves the water but hates the class. Jaxon seemed to like being independant in his own unparented class. I cant believe he is big enough for his own class with out me!!!
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