Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Vday Crafts

I love being crafty so I always am excited for a new holiday season so I can be crafty! This year I have been busy working on on lots of fun Valentine's day stuff. Thanks to Pinterest for all the inspiration! LOL! I love my little centerpiece (above) that I have on my island!

I made each of the boys little valentine's day jars and filled them with goodies... Like Chocolate hearts, gummie lips, love hearts, Heart Suckers and felt conversation hearts. Jaxon picked out the Valentine to go on the top of his it says "You Rock" he says thats what people tell him once they see him dance.

For our friends who dont live near us we made cards to mail to them. They say Love you to Pieces. The boys had lots of fun glueing on the torn paper.

And Here are the conversation hearts I made for the boys. I think they are so cute!!!
I also did up the valentines to hand out at school. We live near a wonderful store (no really its my absolute favorite place) called BULK BARN!!! I adore it. I always spend way too much when I go there. Anyways... there they had gummie car candies... so I got a whole bunch  and filled little treat bags for them. Then we attached a tag that said "I 'Wheelie' like you" I thought it was perfect for Jaxon since he adores cars!
 So now I am all set for Valentines day... all I need to do is finish up Tims gift!
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