Wednesday, April 28, 2010


I woke up this morning to a winter storm warning... thats right... its almost May but we are getting snow... yippee...
Anyways... what have we been up too??? Owen is climbing my bookcases... oh the joy of it all... Jaxon has decided that after a week of being accident free it will not pee on the potty anymore... in fact I had to disinfect my entire bathroom before 7 am this morning has he decided to pee all over everything... but his potty... oh the joy increases!
Other then that Im just busy... I have lots of projects on the go and Im desperately trying to get a handle on all of them before I get swamped with the business of my new calling... dadada.
Owen and Jaxon are starting to get to be even more best friends as Owen can now play more. He loves to be chased my anyone but especially Jaxon. They play all day... and when he gets tired Jaxon tells me to be very quiet so Owen can nap.
Yesterday we went to Playtopia out in Okotoks. Its wonderful! Jaxon burnt off tons of energy and I got 2 hours where both boys napped that afternoon. FANTASTIC! Plus my picture taking friend Kim was there with her little man Joseph. So as an added bonus we booked in a time to get Family pictures taken! YAY!
Tonight we had dinner with the Selks. They are great people. It was so fun and the food was really yummy!
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