Thursday, April 8, 2010

Too Tired

We have had a busy couple of days...Monday I went over to the Smiths for what was supposed to be a few minutes to watch the sleeping kids while Ashley and Trevor went to get the van from its Oil change... and a few minutes turned into a few hours! They are just so fun to chat with! Then Tuesday I babysat Elizabeth and Sammy... it was wild but Jaxon loved it... he kept on saying "I sure love Elizabeth and Sammy" Then on Wednesday we had dinner at the Smiths and got to Play Wii in the coolest home theater room Ive even seen! Good work Trevor. And then today... I threw an Unbirthday Party for Jaxon and some of his friends. It was basically just a play date with Cupcakes but it was a blast!
I am fighting a major miagraine today as the weather changed and it snow... hooray for calgary! BOO
Here are a couple pictures from Heritage Park a took Jaxon there with the Smiths a week or so ago... it was totally lame... it was supposed ot be "Things with Wings" But is sucked. But Jaxon loved the bikes. I have bought Passes to Heritage park so in the summer...if summer ever comes... we can do picnic play dates at Heritage Park

Jaxon is fixing the trike here... and yes that is Sammy Smith in the Background... I tell ya its a good thing Ashley is so cool because Jaxon insists on spending every waking moment with her kids!
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Auntie Rachel said...

He needs his haircut!

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