Monday, April 12, 2010

Go Diego Go

This morning we were watching Go Diego Go... as always... and they had to save an Okapi and I am pleased to say I knew what it was because when we took the boys to the Houston Zoo (who are we kidding I would have gone even without the boys... I love zoos) they had an Okapi and I thought it was amazing! They are really cool looking creatures! Google them for yourself. On a side note... the Houston zoo is AMAZING!!! the best Zoo Ive ever been too! They have tons of animals and lots I had never heard of! It was so COOL!
Anyways... Im here in Edmonton. I had nothing going on this week so I thought since Mama and Papa were back Id take the boys up to visit. Lets face it... its a nice break for me too! (except at nights... ) But here is my drama for the day... I have been up since 4 disgusting I know! Then I looked out the window at an even more disgusting sight...SNOW. But the weather wasnt that bad... just a little window... and I went through an entire thing of washer fluid... well ok maybe not but Im out now... what can I say I like a clean window. But now Im here and we are relaxing.
We have some fun things planned but nothing set in stone. I guess we will just have to see what tomorrow holds. Right now Im just hoping the boys fall asleep soon so I can sleep too!
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