Sunday, April 4, 2010

Great Weekend!

What a great weekend its been! I didnt get as much done as I wanted too but thats how it always goes. On Friday I went up to Balzac and did some shopping with Stef! After that I sorta just puttered and did some little projects... like scrapbooks and cards. Im trying really hard to get the scrapbooks up to date (im getting really close!) and Im making 3 cards for a year kits for christmas presents this year. So there is a couple of my projects. We also went out to Okotoks for a little Easter Celebration.
Saturday was amazing! Stef is getting married so we went dress shopping. She got a gorgeous dress! She looks amazing in it! I cant wait for the big day. Im so thrilled for her. Then there was more spring cleaning and craft projects in the afternoon... and we went to the park with the Smiths. Jaxon was Thrilled as always to see Elizabeth and Sammy. He fell off the tire swing and now has a pretty sweet bruise on his arm. But he shows it off with pride. Im sure it wont be the last one he gets.
Sunday... I got an afternoon nap! (can you here the chorus of angels singing!) We also went to the little park here in Walden and Owen swung in the swing for the first time. He loved it! Then we had my brother over for dinner. We are excited that he is back in Calgary and we cna start our weekly dinners with him and he said he will even babysit for us! YAY!
And of course it was Conference weekend. I love conference. But with 2 kids its next to impossible to watch it and get anything out of it. So we PVRed it... I LOVE PVRs and Im really looking forward to watching them a little later.
So onto this picture. Jaxon loves laying next to Owen when he is sleeping. And then when Owen wakes up he is thrilled to see Jaxon next to him. Here they are holdind hands. What great brothers! I love my boys so much! We are so lucky.
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