Monday, April 19, 2010

One of those Days

Hello World! Did you think I had forgotten how to blog??? I have been up in Edmonton and I had every intention of bloggin up there but I really hate my moms computer and didnt want to try to put the pics on her computer. Yes I know I still havent gotten the new pictures uploaded... Ill have tim do that tonight so I can post some recent ones of my boys!?!
  But today was a day that had to be blog about... well actually it all started on Saturday... those with a low gross out factor should turn away now... Tim is feeding Owen and owen is just tooting like you wouldnt believe... lets just say I was glad when Tim had to change that diaper. Then on sunday it was some nasty diapers again... then Sunday night Owen started Puking... he will eat and then puke up 2/3 to all off the bottle... its nasty. Other then puking he seems ok... But onto the true adventure..
  Jaxon was up 3 times last night... so it was a tired day to begin with. Oh yeah yesterday my Engine light came on in the car... anyways... I had to get groceries today we had no food in the house. So Im stressed out driving around... and Im sure that light was getting brighter... I get to Safeway and discover that they have put ads on all the carts so now I cant clip the carseat onto the cart... which means I cant come shopping when Owen is napping... my life just got a whole lot suckier. Anyways... I always had to stop at the bank... buy the drive through bank was CLOSED... so I had to haul the kids inside... wait in line and then back to the car. Then I had to do Laundry since Owen has either pooped or puked on EVERYTHING. The time was then 10:30am yes thats right all this before lunch.
  But at least there was 2 highlights of the day. It was beautiful out... and we had our friends the Sheers over for dinner. They are so fun. Corbin and Jaxon are the same age... but Jaxon slept the whole time, while Corbin played with his toys... oh well!

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