Friday, August 29, 2008

At the Zoo

We took Jaxon to the Zoo today, since Tim got the day off from work for a four day Labour Day Long weekend. We got the zoo early (right when it opened) so we could see all the animals before it got too crowded. The Calgary Zoo also has a prehistoric park, which we went to first. Here is Jaxon and Tim posing in front of the Anklyosaurus.Jaxon was a big boy and walked the majority of the way around the prehistoric park. He only got freaked out a couple of times by the dinosaurs.

Here is Jaxon outside the elephant house. The baby elephant was being bottle fed while we were inside. Jaxon enjoyed all the animals and would point and squeal whenever he saw something new.
Eventually Jaxon got tired and wanted to go in his stroller. But he was still excited to be at the zoo, as you can see by his excited grin.
Jaxon holds his breath so as not to wake the tigers who were sleeping in their cage. It was a good day at the zoo. The weather was nice and Jaxon was a good boy most of the time. We threatened to throw him in with the bears if he didn't behave.

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