Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Mt St Helens

Today we went to see the sights of Mt. St. Helens. It's pretty exciting so see the awesome wonders that nature has to offer. I was only a toddler when MT. St. Helens erupted back in 1980 and Amanda wasn't even born yet, but it's still an awesome sight to see even after 28 years have passed. A lot of the devastation can still be seen. Anyway, we started off the day by doing a bit of shopping at Wal-mart, but since that's not really exciting, we didn't take any pictures. We then drove a few miles to the Mt. St. Helens visitor center. It was a pretty neat little place. We watched a video about the eruption where we both learned some pretty interesting things.
After the visitor center, we decieded to take a drive up to get a closer look at the mountain. The US government has designated the Mount as a national historic monument, so you can't drive on it, but you can drive to the peak right to the north of it (where the majority of the force of the eruption blew) and see the big crater that resulted from the eruption. Here is a shot from one of the many lookout points on the drive up.
The amazing thing was how little certain things seemed to have changed after so many years. This picture is a look into the valley where the majority of the mud and ash flowed after the eruption. It's pretty hard to see (there was a lot of dust / smoke in the air all around the area) but you can see where the rivers have cut new paths into the layers of dirt and debris and ash
We finally made it to the top, and Jaxon was really excited to get out of the car. He was even more excited when we changed his diaper.

Here is a view across from Mt. St. Helens. This area would have been right in the path of the eruption. All along the side of road on the drive up, you could see the stumps of what used to be massive trees that were blown over by the force of the eruption.
Jaxon and his dad posing in front of the big crater.

The whole Pisko clan posing in front of the Mountain.

After we visited Mt. St. Helens, we drove out to the Washington coast to see the beach, but I'll write more about that in another post.

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