Sunday, August 3, 2008

Weekend in Cranbrook

We're in Cranbrook for the weekend visiting with Amanda's grandparents. Tomorrow we'll be taking off for a long drive to Washington State for a vacation. One of Tim's old University roommates, Eric, is getting married next Saturday, so we're going take the long drive down to see him. We're leaving a but early to take a but of a family vacation on the way. The plan is to visit Mt. St. Helens and then take a trip to the coast before we head up to Seattle to see Brian and Britni Hansen. The wedding is in Portland, and then the reception the next day is in Seattle again. It will be a lot of driving. Hopefully Jaxon will behave in the car

Here are some pictures from this weekend in Cranbrook. Jaxon made a new best friend in the Seguin's dog Sadie. He loves following the dog around and petting it.
Jaxon just chilling on the couch. Beside him is the Thomas the Tank Engine book that we got from Charlene. That thing entertained Jaxon almost the whole way down from Calgary to Cranbrook. Hopefully it comes in handy tomorrow during th 10 hour drive to Kelso, Washington.
Jaxon found a recumbent exercise bike in the basement of the house and liked to sit on it with his stuffed monkey named Trevor.
Jaxon also learned how to help with the dishes. He would act as the middle man passing the dished from Amanda who was washing to Tim (or Shelva) who was drying.
Jaxon having fun with Sadie. He would throw the ball and she would go catch it.

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