Monday, August 11, 2008

Eric's Wedding

The whole reason for us to go to Washington was for my Roommate Eric's wedding... we just decided to go early and get some good vacation in while we were at it. Eventually after we left Long Beach, we headed up through Seattle to Brian and Britni's place in Everett. Unfortunately we didn't take any pictures in between the beach and the wedding. We hung out overnight at the Hansen's, playing Brian's favorite game of Carcazonne, and the next day (Thursday) was Eric's bachelor party.

While Amanda, Britni and the babies went to Mat's house to visit with Bri, Brian and I went to downtown Seattle to meet up with the rest of the guys at the Cheesecake Factory. Wells flew in from Salt Lake City just in time for the bachelor party. When Eric finally showed up at the restaurant, we had 5/6ths of our apartment (Cottonwood 18) back together again, with Aaron Smith being the only one not present. After the dinner we went across the street to the arcade and played a couple hours of arcade games for the low price of $12.

The next day (Friday) was Eric's wedding, we all drove down to Portland and had lunch at the Olive Garden before the sealing was set to take place. The wedding was really good, and then we took some pictures of the happy couple. Here is Eric with his new family, his wife Amy and her daughter Carlee.

Here is Mat and Bri and their daughter Olivia. The last time we were in Portland was for their wedding (and our first anniversary) almost 3 years ago.

Since everyone was taking pictures, we decided to get our pictures taken too.

The wedding was on Friday, but the reception was on Saturday, so we decided, along with the Hansens, McInellys, Rizz and Wells, to stay overnight in Portland. We swam in the hotel pool and hung out watching the Olympics. The next day we eventually made it back to Seattle, after spending far too much time in the Portland mall waiting for Mat to buy a new Mac. We made sure to make a stop off at the dollar store to get some stuff to decorate Eric's car with. Lots of toilet paper, feminine products, soap, etc.

Rizz even picked up some baby dolls to tie to the bumper instead of cans.

Amanda and Jaxon having fun at the reception while the boys were decorating the car.

After the decorations were all done, we went inside to enjoy the rest of the reception, and get some food. Here is Jaxon dancing with Britni. He loved dancing with her, and followed her around for quite a while afterwards to try and dance some more with her.

Eric and Amy, getting ready to leave on the honeymoon.

After the reception, we stayed overnight at Mat's brother's place in Auburn, Washington. The next morning, Sunday, we got up early and drove all day back to Cranbrook. It was a long drive, and a lot of driving over the course of the whole trip. I calculated it out to be over 36 hours of total driving over the last 10 days. We finally made it home back to Calgary today, and tomorrow I have to go back to work. But it was a fun time. It was good to see all the old roommates again and catch up with what everyone has been up to. And it was good to see Eric finally get married. It's been a long time coming for that guy and I'm glad he found a great girl to spend eternity with.

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Oompa Loompa said...

Awesome pics and blog. wonderful to have your family with us there, see ... america isnt that bad at all you should move here.

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