Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Long Beach, Washington

After the tour of Mt. St. Helens, we drove through Oregon, across the 4 mile bridge at Astoria and up to the Long Beach Peninsula in southern Washington on the Pacific Ocean. It was a little but chilly this afternoon, we we weren't really sure if we wanted to go to the beach or not today. But we decided we would go check it out. Here is one of the signs on the way to the beach.
There was also this big sign letting you know that you were heading to the world's longest beach.
I don't know if the claim of world's longest beach is the truth or not, but there certainly was a lot of sand there.
The beach seemed to go on forever, and we were there at high tide.
Jaxon was super excited to play in the sand. It was like one giant sandbox for him. He had his shovel and pail to dig with. The air temperature wasn't that warm, but the sand was really nice and warm.
Jaxon standing in front of the ocean
Jaxon venturing out into the ocean.
Tim following Jaxon out into the ocean. The water was really quite chilly, but it wasn't deep at all. You could venture out 100m and the water would still only be waist deep.
A shot of all of us standing in the Pacific Ocean. Jaxon wasn't too keen on the ocean water. I think it was a little too cold for him.
Tim and Jaxon running down the beach. Jaxon liked having the wide open space to run around as much as he wanted. We liked it too.
Amanda grinning in front of the ocean.
Tim and Jaxon's footprints in the sand. I think this was a really great picture.
Jaxon helping his daddy build a sand castle. Tim would fill up the bucket with sand, pack it down and tip it over.
And then Jaxon would proceed to tear down the castle as soon as it was up.
As we were getting ready to leave, Tim decided to see how far he could go out into the ocean. He made it out pretty far, but the waves were getting too big for his liking.
It was a really fun day at the beach. After the beach we went back to the hotel to change and found a really nice restaurant for dinner that overlooks the beach. Tomorrow we're planning on driving up to Everett to see Brian and Britni.

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