Monday, August 4, 2008

The Drive to Kelso

After leaving Cranbrook this morning at about 6 am, we started out on our long journey to get to Kelso, Washington. Kelso is located on the I-5 about an hour north of the Oregon border. We're stopping here for the night and then our plan is to go see Mt. St. Helens tomorrow. Along the drive, we stopped in Yakima for a picnic lunch. You can see from the picture below that Jaxon was really happy to be out of the car after 6 hours.
We had packed up a picnic lunch of sandwiches to eat and found a nice park in Yakima with picnic tables and a playground for Jaxon to play at. We made sure to pack some cheese for Jaxon to snack on. He loves cheese.
After a bite to eat, we took Jaxon to the park to let him play around and expend some energy in the hopes that he would tire himself out for the 3 hour drive that was ahead. He had a good time on the swings pretending to kick daddy int the face.
He also liked the slide. There was another metal slide at the part that Jaxon wanted to go down, but the temperature was over 30 degrees Celsius and Jax's flesh probably would have melted to the slide, so we didn't let him go down that one.
After a grueling 10 hour drive (including all the stops along the way) we finally made it to Kelso. The hotel has a pool that we took Jaxon to tonight. Except the pool temperature was freezing cold, and Jax didn't want to stay long. But he did enjoy drying off in his monkey towel.

The plan for tomorrow is to drive and see the sights of Mt. St Helens. It should be exciting.

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