Monday, July 5, 2010

Chuck E Cheese

here we are back in Edmonton. And we spend all out monday nights at Chuck E Cheese. Jaxon loves it. Its the best place for a kid... and tim too! Its horrible for me because I spend all my tokens trying to beat my high score on Skeeball! HOORAY SKEEBALL!
Here is the shocker of the century... Tim has never been to Chuck E Cheese! I KNOW!!!! You marry a guy and think you know him and then he throws out one huge surprise! Who is this mystery man I married?!?!
Anyways we had alot of fun tonight. We had 491 tickets by the end of the night and that meant Jaxon got to pick out 6 prizes! He was thrilled. he got 2 Airheads (his favorite) and coloring book, and painting things, and a flying disc and even a tootsie roll for Mama!

yeah I know this is an older pic... but I was too busy playing skeeball to take pictures! SKEEBALL SKEEBALL!
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