Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Last of the edmonton Pics... until next time

So here we are with the last couple pictures from my last Edmonton trip. I think they are awesome. The boys love this shopping cart at "Mamas sobey" Made my life just that much better. All shopping carts should look like this!

but its tough work being at Mama and Papa's house... little Owen always gets so tired!

tonight we had a thunderstorm and the power kept going out. the boys were so brave. Owen and Jaxon just pulled out there little Spongebob lanterns that daddy brought them and they had a blast in the dark. I love my boys! Jaxon really loved the giant mud puddle in the intersection across from us. He also would tell us that the lightning goes like this..then he would blink he eyes really fast. Funny kid
Owen is really starting to move now. He is slowy gaining confidence and took 5 steps to me! Im sure in a week he will be running! Thats both really exciting and really scary to me!
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