Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A day like any other

Today was a day like any other. Which I guess is a good thing. We went to the park (twice) We watched movies, we played in the backyard, we even made Banana Blueberry muffins and then went on a walk to take them to the neighbours! I even read lots and worked on my felt food. It was awesome. now Im exhausted. Owen was miserable today. He has two new teeth coming in so I guess he has an excuse. But it still buts a damper on my day. Jaxon has been a real great three year old today.
The other day I took Jaxon to Walmart and he wanted a new car. He picked one out that was $5 I told him he needed to use him money. (people keep giving him money and he keeps it in his pggy bank) So when we got home he paid me the $5 for it. It ook almost all he had in the bank but he just looked at it and said "Thats ok next time I go to Mamas Ill do Laundry and get more money' He already has toys in mind for the next time he sves up his money!
yes my baby is so big its takes two girls to hold him!

Kayla and Jaxon!

What a sweetheart! I love him. His new trick is he crawls over to the back door and stands up and bangs on the door, BEGGING to go outside. This kid loves the outdoors. He could play out there all day everyday!
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