Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Just a quick update

Im about to head off to story time with Jaxon but I wanted to give the world a quick update. Owen has started really walking, we took a video but I have wait for Tim to show me how to get the video on to the blog to share my proud mom moment. He has also figured out how to use a straw so now he loves slurpees. yes you heard me... my 11 month old loves slurpees. I cant believe in a month he will be 1 yr old! where did the time go??? Jaxon is getting so big and as really taken to math. We started teaching him addition and he knows all his +1's and now he is starting to out smart me. Ill tell him he needs to have 3 bits before he can leave the table and he goes.. "ok Ive had 2 already so that means I need 1 more" When really I meant 3 more bites. Sneaky guy! he is also learning about money. He has been saving any little money that people give him and the other day we were in walmart and he wanted a Hot wheel Semi truck...I told him he would have to use his money. So we got it and he gave me the money when we got home. Now he is trying really hard to think of ways to get more so he can go and get another truck. He is just growing up so fast. I sure love being these boys mom. Its a really fun job! (most days!)

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